1:1 Online Appointments Made Easy

Create online appointments, join video conferences and get payments sent right to your bank account

Free browser-based videoconference

Screen share, whiteboard, call recordings

Appointment scheduling calendar

Create and control your appointments & client management

Personal booking link

Booking link set up with your real-time availability, vacations & reviews

Seamless payment processing

Auto-charge, credit cards support, payment history

Appointments Calendar

All your appointments are stored on one easy to use dashboard. Visualize your schedule and send others the calendar link with organized times to book meetings.

Booking Software for Small Business

Online booking software for small business is so easy on Missed.com that you’ll instantly see why 66% of executives say these real-time collaborations and video conferences are “crucial” in their day-to-day.

Direct Payments

Virtual events from job fairs to conventions are possible with Missed.com’s unbeatable call capacity of up to 50 participants. You can even include those on and offline thanks to our audio and video options.

Staff & Customer Management

Missed.com was designed to help you collaborate. This includes features like our Workspaces, where you can coordinate video calls and shared documents with staff or even clients.

Our Features

free video conferencing for small business by browser or by app

Videocalls work from any device including browsers on mobile or desktop, plus our mobile apps

booking software for small business management by link
Booking Link

Manage your appointment availability plus buffer and lead times via your personal booking link

personalized best appointment scheduling software for small business
Schedule Appointments

You can schedule appointments, or your clients select available times on your calendar

appointments organizer integrated online calendar for business
Integrated Calendar

You cloud-based integrated calendar automatically organizes appointments for you

small business appointment scheduling software - recurring appointments solution
Recurring Appointments

Set recurring appointments with personalized rules to simplify scheduling

online booking software for small business payment and management in one place
Manage Clients

Manage clients, invoices and payments in the same place—it’s all on Missed.com

Organize Everything

Missed.com is a unique system where you can be a customer and a business owner from one single account. Create or join Workspaces for any project or team you belong to. Pay or get paid, control your payment history, and manage your calendar with automatic real-time updates that make life that much easier.

Share Your Booking Link With the World

The benefits of video conferencing multiply with every personalization on Missed.com. Share your booking link on any social platform, in email or message so people can book with you instantly. You still maintain control of your schedule with your personalized availability settings, plus buffer and lead times.

Scheduling App for Small Business

Finally! You discovered the best appointment scheduling software for small businesses that give you everything you need for successful and interactive video calls. On Missed.com, the extra tools you’re after aren’t locked behind a mandatory upgrade. Schedule a business video chat with someone today and enjoy call features like mute control, hand raising, text chat and an integrated whiteboard where people can collaborate.

Payouts Deposited Directly to Your Account

Create rules for payouts so you can get payments directly from your customers to your bank account. You can bill customers manually or automatically, and before or after your scheduled appointment.

Get Payments Directly

No need to buy that umpteeth app solution just so you can get paid. On Missed.com, you can securely process payments alongside your booking software. This feature, along with all the video conferencing, scheduling and collaboration tools takes web conferencing for small businesses to the next level.

Scalable Remote Business Solutions Across Industries

Learn how Missed.com has become the small business video conferencing used across industries! Our business video platform and mobile app offer 50 video conferencing features, from screen sharing and HD video and audio all the way to dial-in numbers and real-time collaboration solutions. Businesses from every walk of life can get the most out of our state-of-the-art technology on our FREE plan.

Remote Work Teams

Businesses that use video conferencing to support their remote work teams cut travel costs by 30%. Those savings get gobbled up, though, with all the other small business solutions they need to facilitate those working from home. Missed.com is the ecosystem of remote work and video conferencing tools that small businesses need, including video calls, calendar dashboards, interactive whiteboards and other remote work solutions for greater agility across industries.

Counseling and Psychotherapy

Keeping patients connected is part of keeping them healthy, and Missed.com is here to meet the needs of counselors and psychologists delivering services virtually. Almost 89% of patients now see telemedicine as a viable form of delivering care. Missed.com gives providers HIPAA-compliant online video conferencing solutions like remote meetings, simple 24/7 online scheduling, file sharing, and more.

Tutors, Teachers & Learning Centers

Each of the 50 user-friendly features Missed.com offers are perfect for instructors. Use hand raising, manual muting, the multiplayer whiteboard, the ability to record meetings, and our synchronized subtitles to keep your participants following along with your instruction. With our long list of online booking software features, the education you offer can be as customizable as your lesson plans.

Beauty & Personal Care

Beauty and personal care services have taken a BIG step back recently from in-person delivery. It’s only right that professionals have access to the best video conferencing solutions to keep clients feeling just as cared for as before! Use Missed.com to schedule your online appointments and get paid for it, all done with new automations and beautifully streamlined processes.

Coming soon: Beauty and health professionals will be able to book offline appointments on Missed.com, too!

Online Fitness & Yoga Trainers

Online home fitness classes have blown up in popularity. Consumers have adapted to the luxury of practicing their favorite sports at home via high-quality video. And now, Missed.com provides the video conferencing tools you need to schedule, manage, and thoroughly rock your training. Video conferencing software is a big departure from the aerobics videotapes of the ‘90s, don’t you think?!


Today, almost half the professionals working remotely are independent consultants and freelancers. Lawyers, accountants, business consultants and more use Missed.com to collaborate with clients and to streamline their businesses, including secure payments, file sharing, calendar dashboards and real-time collaboration spaces.

Fully-Baked Remote Tools for Tutors

If you’re a tutor or instructor, you need a suite of remote tools.
Host up to 15 participants in video calls, share screens, manage students, use group chat and more on Missed.com.

online teaching by cloud video conferencing in HD quality
online teaching meeting with booking software for small business
free scheduling app for small business plan and easy screen share
free scheduling app for small business with white board online
online booking software for small business by calendar and scheduling app
online scheduling software for small business payment and shared docs in one place
Free Video Conferencing

Deliver classes on HD video calls with up to 15 students. There’s no cap on the number or length of calls.

YouTube & Google Drive Integrations
Screen Sharing
Appointment Management
Student Notes

Why Missed.com?

payment & appointment scheduler for small business compatible with all devices
Simplify Your Life with the Multi-Tool Platform
workspace for remote meeting and efficient collaboration
Offer Workspaces for Online Meetings
easiest way to use video conferencing for small business
Enjoy Ease of Use Video Conferencing
manage appointments and payments in you dashboard
Manage Appointments On a Central Dashboard
white label solution for all platforms
White labeling for Enterprise Solutions
business video conferencing & scheduling software for small business
Perfect for Online and Face-to-Face Business

We Make a Big Deal About Security

We guarantee the protection of all the data that passes through our remote collaboration tool. We use E2EE technology and cryptography protocols within SSL. If that’s Greek to you, the important thing is that your privacy and data integrity are secure on Missed.com. Our video conferencing and data storage are HIPAA-compliant, too.

  • our online remote work software that is HIPAA certified
  • coaching tutoring business software with a secure SSL encryption
  • E2EE end-to-end encryption secures your remote tutoring tracking management software
software for tutoring, coaching and video calling app for mobile phone
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