Free Video Conferencing and Remote Work Automation Tool For Small Businesses

Calendar Dashboard

All your appointments are stored on one easy to use dashboard so you can visualize your schedule and send others the calendar link with organized times to book meetings.

Appointment Booking

Integrated appointment booking is so easy on that you’ll instantly see why 66% of executives say real-time collaborations and video conferences are crucial in their day-to-day.

Virtual Streaming Events coming soon

Virtual events from job fairs to conventions are possible with’s unprecedented call capacity of 300 participants (including those on and offline thanks to our audio and video options).

Video Calls Scheduling

Automatically send your video meeting invitations via Google calendar, Microsoft Office Outlook or Yahoo, or share the conference number and link to your video conference room in a single click.

Schedule Video and Audio Appointments is the FREE and reliable video conferencing tool that integrates your meeting scheduling, video conferences and real-time team collaboration in one place. Your calendar on organizes your scheduled video meetings, sends reminders, and organizes the open intervals on your calendar so visitors can easily book a remote meeting.

Share Your Booking Link With the World

The benefits of video conferencing shouldn't start and stop at the login of your online meeting platform. With, you can share a link on any social platform that leads directly to your booking page. Your social media leads can schedule video calls easily with you, and you can leverage the magic of the video conferencing solution that plays an integral part in your sales funnel.

Start Creating Your Live Meetings Today

Finally! You discovered FREE video conferencing services for businesses that give you everything you need for successful and interactive video calls. On, the extra tools you’re after aren’t locked behind a mandatory upgrade. Schedule a business video chat with someone today and enjoy call features like mute control, hand raising, text chat and an integrated whiteboard where people can collaborate.

coming soon

No Internet? No Problem! Call on a Local Phone Number!

Multi-touch video conferencing for businesses is the only meeting model that’s convenient for everyone, no matter what. Participants can jump on your cloud conference via desktop, their mobile devices and tablets, or call in using audio conferencing on a local number. That means you're DONE worrying about bad internet connections or a participant missing out while they're on the move! Oh, you can make outbound calls from your video conference, too! research found that 95% of video conferencing services don’t offer a free direct call feature, but we aren't like most other video conferencing platforms.

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Get Payments Directly

No need to buy that umpteeth app solution just so you can get paid. On, you can securely process payments alongside your video conferencing solution. This feature, along with all the video conferencing, scheduling and collaboration tools takes web conferencing for small businesses to the next level.

Scalable Remote Business Solutions Across Industries

Learn how has become the small business video conferencing used across industries! Our business video platform and mobile app offer 50 video conferencing features, from screen sharing and HD video and audio all the way to dial-in numbers and real-time collaboration solutions. Businesses from every walk of life can get the most out of our state-of-the-art technology on our FREE plan.

Corporate Offices

Businesses that use video conferencing cut travel costs by 30%, but those savings get gobbled up with the other small business solutions they need to collaborate with those working from home. taps the ecosystem of remote work and video conferencing tools that small businesses need including video calls, calendar dashboards, interactive whiteboards and other remote work solutions for greater agility across industries.


Keeping patients safe is part of keeping them healthy, and is here to customize the video conferencing service needs of providers in telehealth. Almost 89% of patients now see telemedicine as a sufficient form of delivering care. has special features to give providers HIPAA-compliant online video conferencing solutions like the remote meetings, file sharing, and conferencing systems they need.


Loads of the 50 user-friendly features that the platform offers are perfect for instructors. Use hand raising, manual muting, our multiplayer whiteboard, the ability to record meetings, and our synchronized subtitles to keep your participants following along with your instruction. With our long list of video conferencing software features, the education you offer can be as customizable as your lesson plans require.


Beauty and personal care have taken a BIG step back recently from in-person services. It’s only right that these businesses have access to the best video conferencing solutions that can keep their clients feeling just as well cared for as before! We believe your cloud-based video conferencing should be just as holistic as the care services you offer. Use the video conferencing solution and enjoy integrated scheduling and calendars, secure payment processing and more.

Coming soon: Beauty and health professionals will be able to book offline appointments on, too!

Sports And Fitness

Home fitness and online classes have exploded, and consumers have adapted to the surprising luxury of practicing their favorite sports at home via high-quality video. provides the video conferencing tools needed to schedule, manage, and thoroughly rock online exercises and sports training. Video conferencing software is a big departure from the aerobics videotapes of the ‘90s, for sure!


Across the business world, 96% of survey respondents agree that video conferencing improves the connectedness of remote team members. And now, almost half of those working remotely are freelancers. provides the conference call products and services that freelancers (and those who work with them) need to collaborate with clients and to streamline their business, down to secure payments, file sharing, calendar dashboards and real-time collaboration spaces.

Boost Up Your Sales! is your 3-in-1 video conferencing solution to get more work done—and make more sales happen! Clients trickle into your calendar from around the web and book meetings, choosing the times that work for them on your fully-integrated calendar. Then the video meeting takes place, and you can even process a secure payment as the call wraps! It’s all baked into the best video conferencing software on


Simplify Your Life with the Multi-Tool Platform
Offer Workspaces for Online Meetings
Enjoy Ease of Use Video Conferencing
Manage Appointments On a Central Dashboard
Whitelabeling for Enterprise Solutions
Perfect for Online and Face-to-Face Business

Whitelabel Enterprise - Get Your Branded Video Conference on Your Domain

Whitelabeling gives you the option of claiming the remote small business collaboration solution for your brand. 84% of large enterprises and even 28% of small business owners say they would purchase the right tool for remote work instead of trying to reinvent the wheel or piece together business meeting apps. We make the decision even easier by offering this option to whitelabel the best conference call service for small businesses. You enjoy and all its tools, and your whole organization sees your logo and brand across the platform.

We Make a Big Deal About Security

We guarantee the protection of all the data that passes through our remote collaboration tool. We use E2EE technology and cryptography protocols within SSL. If that’s Greek to you, the important thing is that your privacy and data integrity are secure on Our video conferencing and data storage are HIPAA-compliant, too.

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