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White Label Web Conferencing Solution

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Some of our unique features for white label solution:

build your own video conference system
Change the design however you like
real time white label video conferencing
Easy implementation in your project, company, audience
video conference branding
Available on any device

web conferencing through a web portal on any device or mobile app on iOS and Android phones and tablets

video conferencing white label
Software-free using with product demos

No more generic platforms - get your own branded conference

Use YOUR own web conferencing solution and brand advertise even with simple video conferences: logo on, company name on video with all rights reserved + @yourownbrand email, phones etc

Put Your Own Logo or Name

Imagine having your name or company logo, website, phones with social links etc - during the call. Stands out, right? - after recording, downloading and sharing this video conference it will advertise your BRAND for next video existance.

Connect Your Private Domain

Want more credibility and uniqueness? Take advantage of having our solution on your website under your own domain.Think

Own it - put your own logo, domain, style and branding with all rights reserved

Customers and partners must first be willing to cooperate if a company has everything used by end-users under ONE brand name. Promote your own brand instead of someone else's and Make a smart move for your online future.

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[your] White Label Video Calls Scheduling

Track your availability for web meetings, schedule your events efficiently and get reminded via 5+ways even if you are offline

Products powered by Missed

When 27 offices of the immigration agency had to go remote we implemented video conferencing on their website in under a week.

When the popular events discovery app pivoted to virtual events app after the pandemic we quickly built video chat on top of their apps and websites.

Telehealth Platforms

We power more than 30 different hospitals and clinics throughout the world that are now providing telemedicine.

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Get your calls recorded and sent to your email right away

white label conference app
whitelabel web browser video conferencing

Want a custom app as well?

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With an enterprise software service account, followings are available:

Appointment bookings on your branded video conferencing solution!

24/7 booking system integrated into our video conferencing tool with user-friendly UI/UX and top-notch design

Events - fastest gathering! On our white label platform.

The easiest way to organize your events and manage them just with a click by using 10+ editing tools

All your leads from social media in one place

Now you can stay on the right track with an integrated cloud based database of all clients in the same platform. Boost your conversion rates with our universal tool!

Create Video calls with Up to 50 participants. It’s Free.

No limits anymore! Organize videoconferences, webinars and online business meetings with dozens of people for completely free of charge.

No Internet? Join Call via Local Phone Number

No need to use your mobile phone with a SIM card while you are on a conference call on android & iphone. Call offline participants with our local US number with just one click to remind them of the scheduled event! has everything for you!

Get payments directly. No external solutions.

Secure and fast transactions with our integrated payment system directly to your bank account. Save your time and energy, use our universal platform!

Get payments directly. No external solutions.

Secure and fast transactions with our integrated payment system directly to your bank account. Save your time and energy, use our universal platform!


Multiplatform digital system.


This universal video conferencing platform can be used in any gadget even without downloading mobile/desktop apps. Flexible and scalable system integration boosts the ease of use.

Workspaces for your staff management.

This white label remote working software offers staff management tools, web conferencing services, custom database and many more to encourage collaboration within your enterprise during the lockdown. New problems require new solutions!

Easy-to-share video conferencing

Invite web meeting participants with one click. 7+ ways to send a ready invitation message online or call with our number without using external devices and apps. Missed conference? No problem, it can be recorded and shared with a link!

Manage all your calendars on one dashboard

Unique features and simple design! Organize, plan and view all video meetings and offline events in one place! Now, you can sync up your Google and Apple calendars and get it all as tiled cells with clear availability put on display!

Whiteboard for enterprise solution as a part of video conferencing service

As visual demonstration boosts your conversion rates, we implemented a multiplayer whiteboard with 12 tools and 30+sub functions! It encourages effective collaboration, brainstorming and presentation. Stay in your video conference and use it as the best way to screen share!

For both online and face-to-face business

Implement our multi functional tool to your workplace and keep in touch with your customers and coworkers, schedule any events, check availability, make a payment, organize events on any device easily and efficiently with 40+ fully developed tools within one system!

Security is in our DNA

Data privacy and security are fully guaranteed with the system of E2EE, the cryptographic protocols of SSL and the guidelines of HIPAA. Secure, reliable and safe!

Scalable Remote Solutions for Industries

Learn how Use Cases apply for different industries

Corporate Offices

74% of companies plan to shift their employees to remote working permanently. To achieve higher or at least the same productivity, they need a multifunctional digital solution which is secure and fast to integrate into the working process. is a universal white label web conferencing solution for your business. This label solution not only includes 30+ effective sub functions such as an integrated translator, chatting, recording, invitation for video conferencing, but also effective features for web based collaboration and integrity with a multiplayer whiteboard and cloud based database to be used with your private label brand.


Up to 89% of patients accept telemedicine as a sufficient form of medical care. With our innovative solutions, healthcare services will make a further step towards a new digital era. offers video conferencing services, a secure payment system, custom database, scheduling system, feedback provision in one platform that avoids time-consuming procedures requiring several software solutions for the mentioned purposes. These white label web conferencing services are here to provide the best custom solutions with 30+ useful features.


Around 59% of the US e-learning market share comes to a content-related online learning platform with several separate solutions to be applied for different purposes. However, we offer more than 10 major tools for educational purposes at once: video conferencing, booking system, payment system, multiplayer whiteboard, freelancing platform, custom database and other major tools with over 50 different sub-functions. The white label conferencing service goes beyond the limits of typical web conferencing software and offers all necessary functions to be used for online education.

Beauty & Personal Care

99% of women want to look younger than their years. Beauty industry is getting digitalized quickly and is here to contribute! More than 50% skincare specialists need a reliable multifunctional platform to connect with their clients on a regular basis. Now this is not a problem! We offer real time video conferencing software with several integrated systems. 24/7 Booking systems, synchronized calendars, payment system and 30+ features for videoconferencing including multiplayer whiteboard, partial/full screen-share, video chats, automated translators!

Sports & Leisure

After COVID-19 turmoil, many people need some regular sessions with sports/diet consultants. To keep in touch securely and avoid physical contact, we offer our multifunctional videoconferencing tool with all necessary features to conduct trainings in an effective and easy way! 35+ features within the videoconferencing platform are elaborately developed to organize web meetings with up to 50 participants for unlimited time. Language is not a barrier anymore as integrated translators are available on the platform. Video chats, multiplayer whiteboard, screen-share and recording features make it possible to take advantage to the full extent!


To schedule your events, manage your calendar, organize web meetings, receive payments and to get new students hassle-free you don’t need several apps and systems anymore! You have it all on Flexible and scalable system integration allows working in any gadget easily. 5 systems integrated with 40+ features available! To promote your freelancing platform, take advantage of our white label video conferencing solution.