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Set Your Parameters

Empower your attendees to schedule appointments whenever they choose. You get full control over your calendar availability so every call booked fits within your preferences. Customize your lead time and cap the number of appointments each day. It’s all managed in one place on

Scheduling Integrations

Your online appointments are scheduled and integrated right into your calendar. Appointment confirmations, reminders, and attendee payments can be processed automatically, too. Forget the back-and-forth of multiple emails just to get one call booked. Here’s a look at what you’ll love about scheduling appointments on

Collect attendee info

Appointments booked on send attendee information straight to your calendar. Ask for specific information when they schedule appointments.

Customized workflow

Your booking workflow can be customized to include secure payment processing and other steps while an attendee is booking an appointment.

Automate everything

Once an appointment is booked, you can automate the calendar invitations, confirmations, emails, and SMS messages that follow.

Personal booking link

Call attendees schedule appointments through your personalized booking link. You can share this link through email, in messengers, or anywhere else.

Book more appointments and secure more business

You can schedule appointments directly or share your booking link to let attendees schedule directly to your calendar. It all runs like clockwork on the free appointment scheduling platform with the suite of remote work tools to support you.

Meet from anywhere

Scheduling your appointments and launching them is all done virtually so you can meet from absolutely anywhere. The world has changed, and with the right tools, that will mean more business for you.

Time-zone intelligent scheduling

Your scheduling is simplified with automatic updates to time zones for each user to visit your booking link. Confirmations and calendar invitations are also personalized automatically to the time zone of the recipient.

Optimize payments

Gone are the days of chasing down invoices or worrying about how to secure payments. streamlines payments with in-app processing you can run manually plus a payment form that can be built right into your scheduling workflow.

Set appointment types

Personalize what kinds of appointments can be scheduled on your booking link with appointment length and unique descriptions. Schedule recurring meetings, too, when upgrading to Pro.

Your free scheduling app on every device

Calls scheduled on are managed through the cloud so you can access your account from any device. Log in on any computer browser or download the app for iOS or Android.

How appointment scheduling on works

Create a account

Download the app for Android or iOS or create a free account by browser from any computer or device.

Set your preferences

Once you’ve set up your new account, set appointment preferences like call length, availability, lead time and buffers.

Share your booking link

Once your preferences are saved, share your booking link everywhere—through email, social, messengers, or even embedding it on your website.

Launch appointments directly

Whenever it’s time for that first appointment, launch calls from your calendar using the integrated video call software.

How successful businesses use cloud-based appointment scheduling

Successful businesses organize more appointments and get more done with 24/7 automated online bookings, reminders, payments, client management and more on These are the new standards that businesses meet with our full suite of remote tools:

Total Control

Businesses personalize their scheduling preferences to retain full control over how many meetings are scheduled and when. Rescheduling and cancellation preferences are personalized, too.

Better Meetings

Booking links can include descriptions for each call type, including agendas that tell attendees what to expect. Scheduling forms can also include specific questions businesses need answered before a call.


Without all that back-and-forth to schedule a single call, teams are able to do their jobs again. Businesses win back time by automating the clerical side of appointment scheduling on the app.

Top Security

Appointment information has to be secure, especially for businesses storing client data or processing payments. That’s why we encrypt every bit of data that passes through the app.

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