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Practice Management Software for Babysitter To Manage Schedules, Appointments and Payments.

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New Times, New Services

Schedule in-person child care or virtual babysitting appointments automatically. It’s all streamlined in the next-gen babysitter booking app!

Automate It

Use features like the booking workflows and 24/7 self-service scheduling to allow parents the convenience of scheduling whenever they have the time

Get Instant Gratification

Send automated reminders and confirmations to users who book appointments on your calendar

Give Inclusive Care

Provide easier access to child care for a wider audience of families by offering virtual nanny services and more!

Organize Everything

Organize your schedule, share photos, share your hours and streamline your services in one place online!

One Online Space

Your solution for everything helps you organize your services, reminders, and online payments on one easy software

Review and approve appointments

Keep control of your babysitting appointments with the “approve” or “reject” workflow for every new appointment booked

No training needed

You already have to learn so much to work in child care, don’t use an app that makes you learn even more! keeps its features intuitive so you can just get to work

One access point for everyone

Use Workspaces to take child care to the next level by storing shared documents and photos in one place, and control access for children and their parents

Hyper-Secure Payment Processing

Flexible payment processing

Collect payments directly through either when an appointment is booked (or manually later)

Either job or booking-specific

Invoice your clients whenever you choose and organize invoices as “paid” or “outstanding” in your cloud based files

Manage more business

Provide more child care in volume and in quality—the time you save with invoicing and payments gives you more time to do your job!

Security standards

One thing parents need to feel is SECURE, which is why was built with payment security top-of-mind

Deliver Outstanding Child Care

Video conferencing

Launch each HD video call directly from your calendar (with NO limit on the length of calls or the number you launch each month)

Multi-player whiteboard

Use the multi-player whiteboard to get kids laughing and having a good time—you’ll get the reputation as the best nanny ever!

Multi-device screensharing

Share your screen from any device, including desktop and mobile, and even switch which device you’re sharing in the middle of a call

Automatic reminders via email and SMS

Manage and personalize the confirmations and reminders that go to you and to parents automatically for each in-person or online babysitting job

Grow Your Business

Win time back by ditching the tedious tasks that shouldn’t be a part of your business. Focus instead on delivering great service, and automate the rest on!

Easy-to-use online tools

Single-source-of-truth business records

Customer records like past appointments, payment history, invoices, photos and notes are all stored in a searchable format

Scheduling without the headaches

No back-and-forth emails or texts will be part of your day anymore once you automate your booking system with

Personalized booking link

Your personalized booking link can be custom-built with the booking workflow you need, including payment processing and automatic confirmations

Mobile apps friendly enough for children

Even children can use the babysitting software on their computers or mobile devices (it’s that easy)!

Benefits of Your Babysitting Schedule App

Eliminate unnecessary costs

Use to minimize your own business costs, then pass those savings on to families

Reduce time spent scheduling

Personalize your booking workflow and automate your scheduling system so no amount of emails or texts from inquiring parents will ever be a problem

Provide more services

Manage new services like virtual nannying to grow your business in a hyper-professional way

Last-minute changes

Unexpected changes are inevitable, but with our software those will never result in double-bookings or missed appointments again

How Nannies Benefit

Optimize your booking workflow, lead and buffer times, and business hours with the customizations possible on