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You and your clients both stay up-to-date with automatic email reminders. From confirmations to status updates and reminders before a call, every action triggers an automatic email with the embedded link the user needs.

Every action you get notified

(and your clients receive confirmations) any time there’s an appointment set, including changes to appointments and cancellations for any reason. Interactions are managed more easily with a slick, automated email system with every action link ready for you and your attendees in each email, including:

Appointment Confirmations

Appointments booked on send appointment details to your calendar and your inbox through email automations. Your attendee receives confirmation emails, too, with a link to cancel or reschedule if necessary.

Any Status Change

When an appointment status is changed, you get an automatic notification—and your attendee gets a confirmation, too. Your calendar on is also updated automatically along with the availability on your booking link!

Cancellation Reasons

Whenever an attendee cancels an appointment, you get an automatic email notification that includes the reason for the cancellation. Gone are the days of having to reach out to inquire—email automations make life simpler for you and your clients!

Confirm or Decline Refunds

When a cancellation does happen, any booking fee the attendee would like refunded will be subject to your control. In a single click you can confirm or decline refunds right from inside the email notification you receive.

Enjoy the simplicity of automatic email reminders

The best email reminders are the automatic ones that are FULLY integrated into your online calendar and booking link! That’s why was designed the way it was. Sign up in seconds and you can enjoy the simplicity of automatic email notifications and reminders.

Manage meetings from anywhere is fully accessible across all devices. Wherever you are when email notifications come in, you can take instant and easy action at the tap of the links conveniently embedded in each email.

Time-zone intelligent emails

When attendees book or change any appointment, you get an email notification and they get an email confirmation. The best part? Each of those emails zipping around automatically adjusts to the receiving user’s time zone! Keep everyone on the same page with smarter and slicker email reminders.

Manage refunds in a click

When requests for refunds do come in, you have the power to approve or decline each request in a click. You retain control so you can take action according to your fee structure and policies. Your action generates an automatic email, too, so hands-off refunds are finally a reality.

Instantly sync your booking link and calendar

Each email notification and reminder that hits an inbox reflects the same change that’s made in real-time on your calendar. Your availability on your booking link is automatically updated, too.

Kick missed meetings to the curb

With your custom meeting notifications and reminders, you can finally rest assured that your clients won’t miss those calls. Can you imagine what that would do for your projects? Find out for yourself and download the app today!

How email reminders work on

Create a account

You either download the app for Android or iOS or create an account on your browser from any computer or device.

Set up your booking link

First thing’s first! Set up your booking link with your personalized availability, lead and buffer times, and then sit back and watch the appointments roll in.

Personalize any notification messages

Personalize your email notifications so you know what attendees will receive when they book or make changes to their appointments.

Launch appointments directly

Once that first appointment does come up, an automatic email reminder will come in, of course! Click on the link inside the email to start the meeting from anywhere you happen to be.

How everyone benefits from email reminders

Both you and your client benefit from automated, integrated email notifications and reminders. Here’s how:

Better Control

You set up your booking link and email messages with every personalization you want, and your meeting attendees can schedule or update their appointments 24/7 from links in their email messages, too.

Better Meetings

Everyone functions better under less stress! Email confirmations give everyone an easy reference to be sure you’re all on the same page. Meetings kick off with greater confidence, and better business gets done.


Who doesn’t get tired of those constant back-and-forth emails to confirm availability, appointment times and rescheduling requests? Email reminders eliminate that “noise” from your inbox for good.

Top Security

The details about your client appointments, payments, refunds and more have to be secure. That’s why we encrypt all the data that passes through the app, including the triggers for your automated emails.

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