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Reimagine how you do business with all the remote tools you need in one place. From booking appointments with customized availability to launching video calls using interactive, integrated tools, you’re exactly where you need to be.

Key features

Here are just a handful of the remote work tools that save businesses big time.


Personalize your email and SMS notifications so call attendees get exactly the confirmations and reminders you want to send.

Appointment scheduling

Along with booking recurring appointments, you can book recuring payments, too. Process client payments securely right on the app.

Payment processing

Easily view you call history, shared documents, payments, invoices, previous and upcoming calls with clients on


Recurring appointments, one-time calls and every other meeting is easy to manage on with your live booking link and integrated calendar.

One login and you win

Gone are the days of remembering five logins for a single client call. is the free hub of digital tools you need to work remotely and get more business.

Fully-automated calendar

Your calendar on updates automatically when appointments are booked, rescheduled or cancelled. Launch calls directly from the calendar and never worry again about keeping track of invites or reminders going to attendees. It’s all baked right into your calendar.

Store client notes

Store client notes, invoices and meeting records on The remote work app serves not only to run your meetings, but to manage the clients you get along the way. Simplify life with a single-source-of-truth for your appointment records, payments and more.

Your digital whiteboard

The multi-player digital whiteboard is just one of the tools you can use during video calls. Open the whiteboard for presentations or to brainstorm with staff or clients. It’s all updated in real-time, making meetings on exponentially more productive than the conference calls or emails of the past.

File sharing

File sharing with real-time editor access is another tool you’ll love during your video calls. The review of shared documents with multiple editor access takes working together to a whole new level. Active feedback from your call participants keeps everyone more engaged, too, leading to bigger and better things with optimal productivity.

Compatible across devices

Seamlessly switch devices in the middle of a video call if you need to. can be accessed on any browser, whether on a desktop or mobile device. Download the apps for iOS or Android for an even faster way to jump on. The whole suite of tools is available no matter where you log in.

How a free account on works

Create a account

Download the app for iOS or Android or set up an account via any browser on any computer or device.

Set your preferences

Set up your workspaces, your booking availability and more. Then sit back and let automate just about everything else for you.

Share your personal booking link

Share your booking link so staff and clients can schedule calls that fit perfectly into your calendar. Attendee invites and confirmations are automated, too.

Launch video calls from your calendar

Use your workspace and integrated calendar to launch calls when it’s time, and then keep open to use all the other tools during your call.

How successful businesses use

For modern companies and professionals to grow and adapt, remote work tools enhance relationships while facilitating more business. offers the suite of remote tools that bring businesses extraordinary benefits, including:


All the tools that come “baked in” on boost productivity. Get more done with less friction using features like file transfer, screen sharing, in-call chat and the multi-player whiteboard.


We process visual information faster than text or even audio. Email and conference calls will only leave someone disengaged. For better collaboration, interactive video calls keep everyone “all in.”


From client consultations to job interviews and team calls, save the gas and the hours lost in rush hour. Video conferencing offers the most cost-effective way for businesses to collaborate.


Because works with so many businesses, we take security seriously. Every bit of data that passes through our video calls and other remote tools is encrypted to keep you safe.

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