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Skip The Back-And-Forth provides you with a cloud calendar along with your personalized booking link. This syncs your availability with the same space where everything is integrated and automated, including calendar confirmations, reminders, and even attendee payments. Forget the days of back-and-forth email to get a single meeting set!

Added Scheduling Efficiencies

You’ll save minutes each day (and hours each week) with the built-in calendar that does away with manual updates, data entry errors and missed calls. Here are just a few features of and its built-in calendar that will save you big time:

Information gathering

Whatever information you ask attendees for in your booking form is automatically integrated into your calendar event. Even when an event is canceled or updated, new information is instantly synced, too.

Booking link workflows

Customize your booking link workflows to include things like secure payment processing before a call is even entered to your calendar. You can even personalize your cancelation policy.

Customized communication

Personalize your meeting invitations, confirmations, emails or SMS follow-ups, reminders and more. Your calendar is synced to your booking link so you never need to send messages manually.

Automatic updates

Whenever a meeting attendee makes a change to a calendar entry, those changes are reflected automatically in real-time on your calendar (and on you booking link meeting availability).

Integrations for better business

Our world is more digitally connected than ever and the best businesspeople are using those connections for greater business continuity.’s built-in calendar and other integrated tools save you the headache of managing calendars, booking platforms, conference sites, digital whiteboards and payments across different platforms.

Google Calendar integration coming soon is about to launch a Google Calendar integration, too! This will allow you to import your meetings from your Google calendar to your account where you launch your calls and manage clients. It will also enable you to sync your calls from your calendar to your Google calendar automatically.

Time-zone intelligent calendar settings

Your calendar works with every time zone! Within your own account, your calendar shows your time zone. Anyone booking a call sees theirs. You can track which attendees are in what time zones, too. Skip the confusion and use the tools that respond dynamically to each user’s unique location!

More of the features that everyone needs is your full stack of remote work tools. Your calendar is just the tip of the iceberg—with built-in payment processing and invoicing, interactive spaces like the multi-player whiteboard, and a dozen more business-focused features, today’s professionals finally have the solutions they need in one place.

Payment processing and client records

Other features built into your calendar workflows include’s payment processing at the time a call is booked. Attendees have a frictionless experience scheduling their calls, and you have the certainty that the meetings on your calendar underwent the required steps (and payments) on your booking link.

Compatible across devices

Your calendar is stored in the cloud just like the other tools on, meaning you can log in from any device and access everything you need. Download the app for iOS or Android, or login anywhere on the web via a browser.

How’s calendar works

Create a account

Start by downloading the Android or iOS app or by creating an account by browser from any device.

Set your calendar availability

Once you’ve set up your new account, set your working hours, availability and booking rules on your personal booking link.

Share your booking link

Share your booking link in emails, on social, or even embedding it into your website, and see appointments come in—all added automatically to your calendar!

How successful businesses use built-in calendars on

Businesses benefit from new solutions when they achieve new standards of their values. These are the top benefits that businesses reach when working with’s full suite of integrated remote work tools:


Use your calendar and booking link to keep control over what meetings can be scheduled, when, and with what booking rules.


Your meeting attendees can always go back into an event and update or reschedule, and the changes are automatically updated in your calendar.


Your whole team can manage their built-in calendars on, making the video conference and booking platform superbly scalable for organizations of all sizes.


Your calendar has to be secure, as does the other data going into processing payments, holding meetings and more. That’s why encrypts every bit of data that passes through our app.

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