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Screen sharing tools have become a necessity for work and life in general. From video conferencing to the delivery of e-services, the best way to screen share is on a software that does everything else your online meetings require, too.

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Missed.com is the one-stop FREE screen sharing app that offers all the virtual meeting tools you need in one place. Start with the best screen sharing tools for your virtual calls

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Desktop Screen Sharing

Select the screen or open program you want to share, and your participants can see your desktop screen in real-time.

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Mobile Screen Sharing

Use Missed.com to share mobile devices’ screens, too, including iOS or Android smartphones and tablets.

Why share computer screens?

Video conferencing for small business and for enterprise can increases team collaboration and opens doors for the delivery of services from afar. It’s used for training, webinars, meetings and events. This channel of communication requires screen sharing to be effective, and the easiest way to share your screen is using software built specifically for online meetings.

Share computer or mobile screens

Missed.com is the mobile screen sharing app giving you full flexibility to run any meeting or virtual event without the stress of finding the nearest computer. Our full suite of functions—like screen sharing, integrated calendars and remote access—are all available on the Android and iOS mobile apps, too.

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Secure screen sharing software

Record your screen sharing Missed.com encrypts all desktop and mobile video conferencing data across devices, including any time you use screen sharing or remote access. We protect information on both the presenter’s end and the participant’s end so you can use screen shares without concern.

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Record your screen sharing

Just like with regular Missed.com video calls, you can record your screen sharing along with the audio and all the screeds you’ve selected to share. Your recordings are securely stored for you on your account, and you can choose to share specific recordings, too.

record video meeting or negotiations and keep as document

Browser-based screen share online

Since Missed.com screen sharing is browser- based, you can share without downloading extra software. That includes sharing your screen from the browser of an iOS or Android device.

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How Missed.com screenshare software works

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Set up a Missed.com account and start a video call

Once you create your free account, you can schedule or start a video conference and send participants the meeting link to connect.

button to click for live screen share
Click the button for “screen sharing”

Once the call is live, just click the button to share your screen. Participants can do the same to share their screens.

with multiple screens, you can select which one to share - screen, windows or tab
Select the screen you want to share

A pop-up window will appear to ask which screen you want to share. You can share your whole device or a specific app in one click!

Enterprise solutions for businesses

Your business can enjoy greater collaboration, more efficient meetings, easier training and money saved using Missed.com for its video conferences, remote access and screen sharing.

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Better Meetings

Keep online meetings moving and keep participants engaged for more efficient team calls (and zero conference room setup).

screen share meeting can be used with remote whiteboard

Better Collaboration

With our screen sharing solution along with the multi-player whiteboard, all your departments can work together better than ever.

screen share meeting can be used with remote whiteboard

Better Training

Using screen sharing for presentations and real-time demonstrations, training becomes more engaging—and trainees have an easier time learning.

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Better Tools

The best screen sharing app includes added meeting tools like remote access and integrated calendars, all on a free plan that elevates your team meetings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is screen or desktop sharing?

Normally, in a video call the host and participants are able to see real-time video of the participants’ faces. Screen sharing is when the video of the presenter is replaced with a real-time view of that presenter’s computer or mobile device screen.

Can participants on my video call share their screens, too?

Yes! All meeting participants can share their screens, even if you initiated the call. (You can still control specific permissions for participants to share screens.)

What’s the best way to share a screen?

Use Missed.com to easily share your screen inside the software optimized for everything a video call requires. While sharing, you can open documents, presentations, and other apps to share those, too.

Is screen sharing free?

Screen sharing is free on Missed.com. All you have to do is set up a free account, and you’ll have the option to share your screen on any video call—no special action from you is required.

Is it secure to share screens online?

Missed.com takes security seriously, so we encrypt ALL the data from the host and participants on your video calls. Even recorded calls are converted to secure files accessible only by the meeting host (unless the host decides to change the permissions of a recording to share).

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