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Video calls

Use for HD video calls with up to 15 users

Booking link

Manage class schedules and availability with our integrated booking system

Digital teaching tools

Boost student engagement with the interactive whiteboard

Manage documents

Document sharing enables slicker delivery and storage of all class materials

Host Unlimited Classes

No time limits (beyond your own)

Host as many classes as you want without any time limit on individual sessions.

Record and repeat

Host live classes or record specific video calls to deliver them as evergreen courses later.

Integrated schedule

Your courses show up automatically on your fully-integrated schedule.

Easy booking and enrollment

Enrollment’s never been easier than with your dedicated booking link.

Internal Chat During Online Classes

Keep students participating

The embedded chat feature is available during every video call for one-on-one interactions or messages to all participants.

Keep students interested

Features like screensharing and the interactive whiteboard keep students inside your course content.

Record and export

Record video calls and export the chat history, too—it’s for more than posterity! Control recording access so students can revisit.

Interactive for everyone

The interactive whiteboard and document sharing are for students to interact, too. Collaboration has never been easier than on

Manage Your Staff

Booking links

Each devoted booking link for every instructor allows students to sign up for classes with real-time availability updates.

Shared calendar

Manage multiple courses on one calendar, in the same place where live classes are launched! No more juggling multiple logins.

Student database

Course and payment histories are easy to manage student-by-student on (since it all happens here, anyway).

All your teaching tools in one place

Your staff will love the room they have to grow on It’s the one platform with all the digital teaching tools they need.

Generate Your Student Database And Start Teaching Remotely

Use Our Video Conference For Up To 15 Participants—For Free

Set Reminders And Stay Always Up-to-Date

Automatic class reminders

Set students up to receive automatic reminders whenever they register for a specific course.

Booking calendar updates

When a course is booked (or you make an update), your availability is automatically updated on your calendar and booking link, too.

You retain control

Students have the luxury of registering for classes 24/7, but only within the framework of the availability you set.

Best turn-out ever!

See just how many students show up and complete courses with these convenient, online courses and automatic reminders on!

Why Educators And Schools Love

Browser-based video calls give you the flexibility to access and deliver your classes from any device. Log into from any computer or even from a browser on your phone. uses cloud technology to give you access to the platform everywhere you go. This also means the platform is built with the tightest security so you don’t have to worry.

Organize Parent-Teacher Conferences With Control And Flexibility