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Our practice management software takes care of the “boring stuff”

Save time and money and deliver better care with the best remote app for behavioral health professionals

Video calls enables one-on-one and group-therapy video conferencing appointments with no limit on the number or length of calls.

Billing and invoicing

Everything from patient invoices, payments and billing reports can be managed securely on the fully HIPAA compliant app.

Integrated booking link

Share your custom booking link with your availability settings fully customized to schedule appointments (clients can schedule independently 24/7).

Calendar and appointment reminders

Once appointments are booked, manage your private practice calendar, recurring appointments, and automatic reminders in one place.

Better Transaction Processing


You can bill and collect payments before or after an appointment.


With all-inclusive billing, empower your patients to easily pay with cash, check or credit card.


Manage your patient billing records and psychotherapy notes in the same place.

No hassle

Store billing credit card information and enable secure, electronic “click to pay” for clients.

Kick Tedium to the Curb

Simplify paperwork and intake forms

Repetitive office paperwork is made as simple as copying each form with documents stored in the cloud.

Set appointment reminders

Your practice management is made easier by eradicating patient “no shows” with the web based software that sends automatic appointment reminders.

Patient workspaces and client portal

Patients can join a devoted digital “workspace” to set appointments, pay bills, view therapy notes and more, all with HIPAA compliant security in place.

Multi-device system access

You, your office and your clients enjoy access to and ALL its features from anywhere—just download the iOS or Android app.

Mental Health Providers Love These Integrations

HD video conferencing

Launch HD video conferences with NO limit on the length or number of calls, and your clients enjoy the comfort of meeting virtually.

Integrated whiteboard

Interactive tools like the multi-player whiteboard allow you to better explain key concepts to patients during therapy.

Multi-device screensharing

Screensharing is possible from any device, too—you can even switch between devices in the middle of a patient call.

Document sharing

Document sharing enables you to work more creatively with patients and give them a high-feedback experience (and more easily complete clinical documentation).

Get the new billing software for mental health professionals—and your practice will grow

You can grow your practice and evolve the services you provide with the all-in-one site of remote tools for behavioral health providers on

Ease of Mental Health Practice Client Management

Patient records and notes

You can more easily take, store and search client base notes by storing patient records and documents on

Recorded appointments

If patients want to revisit a call so they can think even more about what was discussed, now they can with HD recorded video calls.

Billing system

Clients enjoy complete transparency from your practice with secure and instant access to their payment records and shared documents, too.

Mobile apps

Every app and feature is available on mobile—bring the world of benefits your therapy provides to the palm of each patient’s hands.

The #1 Mental Health Software for Therapists of All Kinds


Every type of therapist—speech therapists, group therapists, or other—enjoys greater client engagement with the modules on

Social Workers

Social workers are able to offer even more creative delivery of services with cloud based software systems. Key features include the multi-player whiteboard and document sharing.

Psychologists is the software for psychologists that enables HIPAA compliant electronic health services. More patients enjoy access, and therapy notes come to life.

Mental Health Teams isn’t just for a solo practice, but for whole mental health teams. The integrated solutions make collaboration easier, from intake forms to treatment programs for a comprehensive practice management software solution.

Why Your Mental Health Practice Will Love

Mental health billing software is only as good as it is flexible, and is fully customizable to your needs. You can manage.