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Get all the online teaching tools you need in one free platform

Freelance Teachers

The flexible, scalable tools on work for a single class or for an ongoing teaching schedule

Universities, Colleges & Schools

With features like integrated class booking, both students and institutions win on

Courses & Webinars

Classes can be delivered in real-time and webinars can be recorded for evergreen coursework

Organize Your Teaching Schedule

Integrated calendar

Manage your schedule and availability using the integrated calendar on

Automatic reminders

Send students automatic reminders about upcoming courses and classes for a seamless student experience.

Multiplayer whiteboard

The digital teaching tools on include a multiplayer whiteboard for real-time demonstrations.

Secure payment processing

Process secure payments on for a hassle-free student experience, too, and generate and manage invoices.

Get New Students Hassle-Free

Integrated booking link

The integrated booking feature on can be shared directly, on social media or in email campaigns.

Share course schedules

Using the integrated calendar and booking features on, you can easily share when courses are available.

Manage your student database acts as your student database with everything from course history to payments stored right on the app.

With mobile apps, you’ll never miss a beat

Use the iOS and Android apps to stay connected—deliver classes via mobile, or manage payments and paperwork. It’s all in one place!

Host Unlimited & Secure Classes

HD video calls

Host HD video conferences online with up to 15 students. There’s no cap on the number of calls you can start or how long they last.

Interactive whiteboard

The interactive whiteboard allows multiple users to interact in real-time on video calls.

Screensharing from any device

Whether you’re on your desktop, your cellphone or both, use the screenshare feature in any online call.

Document sharing

Share documents and manage permissions right on—store everything from worksheets to admin paperwork together!

Generate Your Student Database & Start Teaching Remotely

Collect clients from anywhere and let them book classes online

Multiplayer Whiteboard For Visual Demonstrations

Exceed students’ expectations

Using tools like our integrated digital whiteboard sets you at the cutting edge instead of playing catch-up with education delivery trends.

Superimpose annotations

As you work through content on your digital whiteboard, you can also add annotations as you walk students through content.

Be ready

Students today require more visual content than ever to fully engage. See how the whiteboard and screensharing enhance participation.

Everything recorded for you

Whether you’re running a webcam, screenshare or the integrated whiteboard, capture everything in HD recordings to share with students later.

Set Automatic Reminders And Keep Students Up-to-Date

Scheduling made simple comes equipped with your devoted booking link that students can use to pick the times that work for them.

Integrated calendar

Manage your courses and availability using the integrated calendar. Booking, your calendar, the classes themselves…it’s all on

Real-time updates

Whenever a student schedules a class (or you change your availability), your booking link will automatically reflect the updates.

Automatic reminders

Use automatic reminders to ensure students keep track of their classes, or even to share additional resources or assignments.

Why is a Perfect Tool for Teleschooling

Flexible and scalable system integrations

Forget juggling logins for Google Calendar, Zoom, PayPal and Calendly. is the flexible system where you get access to all the teleschooling tools you need in one place.

24/7 Self-booking

Whenever students are ready to schedule a class, they can access your calendar and availability using your devoted booking link. When classes are scheduled, your calendar is automatically updated.

Free Videoconferencing

Think about how much better a teacher’s videoconferencing solution is made with full integration of the other tools you need. From class-enhancing collaboration spaces to the scheduling and booking features that are a “must,” has it all.

Easy payments: processed securely, deposited directly

Process secure payments on, too. You can even create and manage student invoices, plus track student payment history. Once payments are made, you can deposit the funds directly into your connected bank account.

Enterprise Solution for Universities, Colleges and Schools

Whether you’re an online or traditional university, college or school, we’ve got you covered

Custom Student Database

Manage scheduling, class and payment history on a student-by-student basis

Staff Management & Scheduling

Bookable links with specific instructor availability for one-click scheduling

Simple Booking Form For New Students

Easy point of entry for new students who are ready to study with you online

Scheduling & Teleschooling reimagined

Schools are empowered to use technology to keep students engaged as the tides change. Online learning can mean learning reimagined using


Universities use to manage everything from the delivery of online classes to managing course availability and student scheduling.


Virtual courses are a new frontier for many colleges, and brings all the automated tools they need to make online offerings a success.

Parent Meetings

Keeping in close contact with parents is easier on with video calls, shared document storages and real-time collaborations.

Courses & Webinars

Whole courses and webinars are easily supported on with both video conferencing and HD recordings you can save and share again.

Tutor Management Software

Anyone looking to get started delivering classes online needs just one tool to start, and that’s

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