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The Complete Chiropractic Appointment Scheduling Software and Digital Toolkit

Patients will still come to your office, but now they can book online with your self-service booking page. integrates your online bookings process with automatic payment processing, confirmations and reminders, client management, team scheduling and more.

Self-serve appointment scheduling

Your personalized booking page can be used on your website, in emails, on social and SMS so each patient can book 24/7 according to the availability, buffer and lead times you set through the software.

Never wait on a payment again

Payment can be required as part of your booking workflow, or you can run payments manually with secure payment processing right on your appointments software.

Personalize reminders and confirmations

Send automatic email or SMS confirmations and appointment reminders, and customize them to include resources or intake forms for patients to complete before their appointments.

Straighten out your team members’ files and scheduling needs

Use dedicated Workspaces to organize patient records, appointments schedules and shared documents in a secure location in the cloud for your team (or even for clients).

How Your Patients Benefit

Patients book with confidence

Each patient can book chiropractic care on their preferred channel, whether they find you on social, in email, or on the web—and they book with your real-time business schedule right in front of them!

Inclusive devices on one chiropractic scheduling app

New clients will be scheduling appointments, interacting with you, completing your intake forms, making payments and more directly on your free chiropractic software app for iOS or Android.

Inclusive chiropractor book online payment options

Whether payments are processed as part of your booking process or manually via your online booking chiropractic software, secure payment processing will manage all kinds of payment methods.

Easy to reschedule or book recurring appointments

If something does come up—even if a client needs to see you more urgently—rescheduling is self-service for your clients to manage with a simple click to your booking page!

How Your Practice Management Benefits

Client files stored securely and searchably

Store client appointment histories, forms, payments and billing information and more all in the appointment scheduling software for easy access when that next appointment is booked.

Crack down on no-shows for upcoming appointments

With automatic confirmations and reminders sent directly to patients, say “so long” to no-shows and keep your office practice fully booked.

Reduce human error with chiropractic scheduling software

All that back-and-forth email scheduling means things slip through the cracks; but with fully integrated, automated scheduling, you’ll never worry about human error again!

Save time, save money and kick admin tasks to the curb

With more processes like scheduling, payment processing and intake handled in your automated workflows on, your whole team wins more time to deliver more of the best service chiropractic care.

Grow Your Chiropractic Practice

Pre-consultation video calls and virtual consultations

You can take “discovery calls” or kickstart your new patients intake process with pre-consultation video calls, launched right from the desktop or mobile app.

Multi-player whiteboard for dynamic appointments

Use the digital tools baked into the free online chiropractic scheduling software like the multi-player whiteboard to interact with patients for better education and diagnostics.

Patient and chiropractic appointments files stored securely

Leave paper in the past and store your patient information right on the scheduling app, allowing you to move your practice around and access files anywhere.

New services with new online scheduling software tools

Provide new services like live or recorded trainings via video calls and use shared documents, screensharing and any other appointment tool for truly unforgettable delivery.

More Business, More Time

Not only will you book more business with the slick and automated booking process on your free online booking app, you’ll also gain time back that you otherwise spent on invoicing, running payments, email volleys, intake and more. Win more business, more revenue and more time at once!

For Chiropractic Delivery of All Kinds

Best scheduling software for sole practitioners

Sole practitioner chiropractors are often stuck with a lot of the admin tasks that have nothing to do with delivering care—but not anymore with a chiropractic software at their fingertips.

Chiropractic practices, teams, and internal sharing

Teams of chiropractors can coordinate their schedules automatically with calendar integrations and shared workspaces on the one scheduling software for chiropractors.

Client-facing document sharing

Chiropractors who pride themselves in sharing quality education with clients can do so now at the click of a button, right where clients schedule chiropractic appointments online.

Chiropractors delivering evergreen content

Many chiropractors and even other healthcare professionals are starting to explore new models of delivery and new ways to help new patients, including the delivery of “evergreen” content online.

Customized Everything

In-person experiences gone omnichannel

Even when patients come into the office for treatment, you can provide an omnichannel appointment experience by engaging with patients online before and after you see them.

New, personalized online experiences

Online-only experiences are possible for chiropractors now using, including physical therapy guidance, virtual consultations, education and more.

Your schedule, your rules to book appointments

You customize your schedule with settings like personalized availability, buffer times, lead times, a cap of new bookings each day, and more!

Automated reminders with added resources

Your appointment confirmations and reminders can be totally customized by appointment type or to include key resources or intake forms you want to send before each booking.

How Scheduling Software for Chiropractors Works

Booking is easy now for every patient with self-service 24/7 access and slick automations, all of which do wonders to relieve you and your staff of admin to-dos.