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Boost Your Business With A Powerful Online Booking System

Meet the beauty appointment book you can manage online.

Online scheduling for in-person appointments

Give clients 24/7 access to book whenever they want, even for in-person salon appointments.

Total control

You set your availability and preferences to build your salon scheduling book right.

Beauty app features

Integrated audio-visual-rich tools allow you to rethink your appointment book and brand.

Customer appointment manager

Don’t just manage your appointment books online—process online payments and manage customer files in one place, too.

Save Effort, Add Convenience

Add ease with 24/7 booking

Clients click on your personalized booking link whenever they want and get instant access to your availability—with real-time updates no matter who booked when!

Save your time, too

Watch your appointment book fill up with a self-sustaining, automated booking process…and win back the time spent in emails and texts to book and confirm appointments.

Get paid on time (every time)

Built-in payment processing is part of, too—you can even add required payments to your booking process so clients pay before an appointment is confirmed!

Real-time updates

Your calendar updates automatically whenever an appointment is set, cancelled, or changed—you control available booking times with automatic buffer and lead times, too.

Boost Your Business

One-on-one or multi-person events

Whether you’re booking a whole clique of bridesmaids or a single client, your personal booking link can be customized with all the products and services you offer.

Customizable reminders

Set up custom reminders and appointment book confirmations to put an end to “forgetfulness” and no-shows!

Never get double-booked

Avoid the stress of double-bookings with the real-time updates to your calendar through your online salon appointment book.

Multi-device access

You can use the mobile apps (for either Android or iOS) or the web-based app to manage your salon appointment book from absolutely anywhere.

Scale in Style

Special pricing

You can offer special pricing for specific days, service types or groups and build those specials into your appointment books and payment processing!

Tap the advanced features

Whether you want to offer new online consultations or use your tablet or phone at in-person appointments, the audio-visual-rich tools on open the door of possibility.

Customizable everything

Personalize your appointment confirmations, reminders, buffer and lead times, and so much more so you can fully automate everything for your brand.

Save records from before

If you still have those old spreadsheets and paper files you used before, load and save them to a dashboard on that your team can search and access from anywhere.

Manage Salon Staff

You can build your team’s booking practices around the best online meeting system. Control individual employee’s calendars and integrate them together in shared Workspaces where colleagues can see who’s scheduled for what.

Your Business…Better at Every Touch Point

New clients book more easily

Your personalized booking link can be shared all over the web, including social media, email and your website to get you found.

Instant booking

The booking process you offer is the slickest and most attractive when clients interact with your online calendar to easily search and select the perfect time.

Confirmations and reminders

Each booking triggers an instant confirmation (totally customizable to your brand) to get clients excited about their appointment, and then sends reminders out, too.

Digital possibilities

You can work’s built-in suite of tools—including video conferencing, shared Workspaces and more—into the best omnichannel client experience.

Beauty Salons of All Kinds

Hair Salons

More haircuts and up-dos will get booked through this easy-access 24/7 booking link…watch as your stylists automatically build their perfect appointment books.

Beauty Salons

Advanced appointment scheduling tools enable you to manage your salon and all the specific services you offer on your account.


The seamless booking, payment processing and client management app is especially attractive for spas where complex services are offered.

Massage Centers

Massage center clients can benefit in a big way from educational materials around the ailments they treat, and you can deliver more help with features like workspaces.

Why Salons Love

Online bookings for in-person appointments is the new norm, and your clients will love this added convenience…it’s the best way to add new clients, too.